Monday, September 11, 2006

first purchase at mothercare..

11 Sept 2006 (part II)

heyo.. me again.. hahah too difficult to conceal my excitment so have to post two blogs today. well after the visit to KKH, ah lao and me went to plaza sing.. motive is to go to the Creative shop as he is looking for interface sticker for his MP3 player. but guess who is the bigger winner today? me.. haha.. reason being is that I actually bought a pram for my baby today! yes it cost heaps.. $429 for a baby pram sounds expensive? cos it is of Maclaren brand. and here are the descriptions:

Features + Functionality
-5-point harness
-Removable/washable seat
-Coordinating footmuff available
-Single-hand fold
-Hood and rain cover included
-Lockable swivel wheels
-Ergonomic handles
-Carry handle
-Storage pocket on back of hood
-Reflective accents
-UV treated viewing window on hood
-UV treated sun visor
-Extendable leg rest
-Height adjustable shoulder harness straps
Shoulder pads

handle height: 104-111cm/41-44in
width (open): 49cm/19in
length (folded): 108cm/42.5in
wheel size: 16.5cm/6.5in

Hehe.. and you know when the shop assistant asked ah lao to try to manovere the pram, it suddenly dawned on me that ah lao is going to be a papa! Ya.. sounds funny I know but then look at the way he manipulate with the pram.. *gosh* suddenly my ah lao become so "manly" or perhaps "fatherly" haha.. (cover ears) later he sure say I siao char bo..

Anyway.. then in the midst of wiggling through Mothercare, I also manage to find another bargain set of baby clothes for my baby.. usual price $57, now offer $35 for a set of 7 bodysuits. Worth the $$ cos of the quality. anyway I am really tryin not to buy all the blue stuffs for boy boy lah but then again got white what.. haha..

And of course today I also shortlisted this cot from Mothercare.. dunno why, it just caught my eye like that.. actually had been "bio-ing" it for a couple of times liao. but itz quite ex as the cot itself cost around $300+ to $500+ (for the two different sizes) and the mattress itself is an additional $200+.. *still contemplating*.. ah.. time for my "lovely samsoon", photos to be updated later.. kaka.. till later..

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