Thursday, September 07, 2006

first pagent I had attended..

03 Sept 2006

Top Little Supermodel Quest 2006 is the title of this pagent I attended today. You may ask.. "you go where find this lobang". Hehe.. well one of this girl in my K2 class is a participant of this show and her parents had politely invited my chinese teacher and myself (of cos pulled husband along) to the show. Wah really an eye opener.. along with it came a 9 course dinner (FOC - as in paid by Althea's father) and of course here are some pictures of the event itself. Hehe so during the very loud event, I still manage to ask ah lao this question: Next time if our boy boy or girl girl very good looking, shall we let him or her join this kind of pagent? He did not say anything, just rolled his eyes indicating "siao ah, you very rich izit?" haha.. ok nvm.. give me a punch on my head now..

anyway.. the judges..

the trophies..

the girl from my K2 class, Althea's banner at the entrance..

another of her banner.. cute right?

her third banner in the eveing gown..

Althea herself on that night.. gosh look at her make up..

oya.. nearly forgot. So Althea won of the trophies and title.. there were 10 different titles to be won.. if you had noticed from the trophies.. what Little Miss Supermodel lah.. Little Miss Photogenic lah.. Little Miss Talented lah.. ah.. whatever..

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