Sunday, August 27, 2006

week 16..

18 August 2006

I was at the gynae today.. the usual monthly check up and yesh~ I am at my week 16 now or otherwise the layman 4 months pregnant. Well for the past week I keep talkin to my bao bei.. tell him / her to cooperate so that papa and mama can "see" whether you are a girl or a boy? Well and everynight I think bao bei hear me say the same thing also sian so he / she begins to move vigously in my tummy.. and ooh .. the feeling is good.. haha perhaps bao bei still small..

so it is the time for the truth.. no ultrasound scan pictures today.. but doctor did a thorough scan from between the legs then another scan from bao bei's head.. Keke.. and guess what? My ever dearest gynae Dr Benjamin Tham said, "I think most probably a boy.. you see the triangular thing there in between the legs?" (referring to the didi) Hubby and I were like stunned! Then the gynae added something, "hmm I hate to tell the wrong things about scans but yours most probably a boy, 80%...hmm 90%" This left us speechless.. and our jaws were practically touching the floor haha.. I can tell you the both of us were like looking at each other's eyes with tears welling just in my eyes lah.. I was like "phew~" Then hubby quickly throw me another satisfied look.. Then I quickly rolled my eyes.. haha but gynae concluded with another sentence, "Alright, we confirm things on the next check up ok?"

Well I am really not sure whether I should be happy or not.. if you know, I always wanted a girl first then a boy. But then since God had since decided for me, I had also decided to respect God's grant. Afterall this is God's gift to me as he know I am ready to take care of my bao bei once he is born out to this world. Ok I sound Christian but I am not. But at the corner of the my heart God do exist. Oh well before I start bothering you with God and praises... Let me end my this session of blog soon cos it is time to bath and TV!

Hee~ Godmas here is my darling boy boy on the way liao.. so where are my Osh Kosh B'Gosh jumper? Haha or perhaps Levi's kids also can..
Wahaha~! some ideas for boy boy's full month / 1 year old presents?

boy boy jumper?
see the girl girl jumper.. kawaii neh! haha.. ya.. can buy for mei mei next time hor..?

I want this one Godma! wahah.. but yellow a bit difficult to match lah.. trust your taste.. choose a more netrual colour ya? haha..

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