Sunday, August 27, 2006

sumptous dinner part 1

13 August 2006

Since my sweetie mama is away on a holiday with ah ma.. Ray and I decided to bring my dear papa out for dinner.. And for an undisclosed reason, he said he will bring us to eat at Tan Chin Lee Seafood Restaurant. Situated at Tuas, this restaurant had been in operation for about 30 years or so.. so here the pictures of my sunday sumptous dinner.. but beware, looking too much might induce salivating at the keyboard *hiak* and of cos this meal ease my weird craving of crabs.. here they are..

dish 1: sharksfin soup.. woo hoot~! add a bit of vinegar and pepper.. and its heaven~!

dish 2: steam hongkong style soon hock.. yummy~!

dish 3: stired fried asparagus with scallops.. juicy~!
dish 4: yang zhou fried rice.. fwah~! this is like the best fried rice I had ever eaten and it is only $8!

5th and the most impt dish of the night: Chilli crab with man tou.. *think of it makes me salivate*
am I cute? wahahah...
this is the last man tou of the day.. I was so excited about putting my man tou with the chilli sauce from the crabs that I nearly forgot to take pictures. Ha~ this man tou is Ray's one.. *shake head* for a while papa though they were free but they cost $0.50 each.. wah think we carrot ah..
alright start cleaning your keyboard now.. haha.. then papa said this meal is only part 1 cos when mama comes back this sat, we will go for another round.. and we will try jio my ah jie go too. so will be 4 + 1 of us.. haha~

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