Sunday, August 27, 2006

durians fiesta..

26 August 2006

Today ah lao brought me go eat zhu cha tang.. my long time favourite at Lavender St, if you know which shop. Well very happy as after the meal, we went for durians at Geyland Lor 25A. Haha.. see my gluttony face and you will know how delicious the durians are..

the place.. the workers keep shouting "YELLOW YELLOW".. for a while hubby and I and friends were wondering what were they shouting.. haha in the end we realize, they were tryin to attract customers when they meant that the flesh of the durians were "yellow".. quite a lame word but see the crowd and you know they meant business! ;)

the first durian of the day.. *slurps* according to the guys over there, this kind of durian is rated "mao san king" and they are from Cameron Highlands. quite ex as they are priced at $13 per kg.

the 2nd batch of durians we ate.. kaka..

ya.. me and my gluttony face with my big pimple on my forehead. woo... eat until want to vomit.. haha.. aiyo.. then when I got home, I think due to indigestion, I could not sleep properly though I was very tired. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night just to keep burping (with durians smell).. then as I was having a bad cough, I literally vomitted some durians out.. *yicks* haha..

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