Sunday, August 27, 2006

bad day.. :(

8 August 2006

I went to Causeway point with my darling and baby.. oh well cos bought some tops from the push cart the day before but realize it was too small for me.. Nvm so ah lao very good, purposely bring me to Causeway point to change. But it was that particular night when I nearly fell! Oh what the heck.. My right foot stepped on some shirt peg (which you would usually find with a new shirt, the white kind of peg which holds the shirt in place, if you know what I am saying). Then in reaction with my slip, my left knee went kneeling down onto the floor. Ya ya.. now got one blue black one my left knee, as big as a 50 cents coin *tap fingers on table*.. Actually wanted to post the picture here but ah lao said scared affect your appetite *ho ho*

but all wells ends well.. haha cos ah lao said next time he will hold my hand tighter. :D so far bao bao still good and kicking. and he kicks alot! ya some moms said baby would probably start kicking from 20 weeks (or 5 months) but I can tell you mine is kicking all the way from week 12. this was confirm when I was doing the ultrasound the previous round at week 12, the screen was showing my baby was flexing and moving his spine and I could literally feel it instanteously. Gynae said, "your baby very active." ho hum.. good sign or bad sign? haha.. till next check up..

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