Sunday, August 27, 2006

durians fiesta..

26 August 2006

Today ah lao brought me go eat zhu cha tang.. my long time favourite at Lavender St, if you know which shop. Well very happy as after the meal, we went for durians at Geyland Lor 25A. Haha.. see my gluttony face and you will know how delicious the durians are..

the place.. the workers keep shouting "YELLOW YELLOW".. for a while hubby and I and friends were wondering what were they shouting.. haha in the end we realize, they were tryin to attract customers when they meant that the flesh of the durians were "yellow".. quite a lame word but see the crowd and you know they meant business! ;)

the first durian of the day.. *slurps* according to the guys over there, this kind of durian is rated "mao san king" and they are from Cameron Highlands. quite ex as they are priced at $13 per kg.

the 2nd batch of durians we ate.. kaka..

ya.. me and my gluttony face with my big pimple on my forehead. woo... eat until want to vomit.. haha.. aiyo.. then when I got home, I think due to indigestion, I could not sleep properly though I was very tired. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night just to keep burping (with durians smell).. then as I was having a bad cough, I literally vomitted some durians out.. *yicks* haha..

week 16..

18 August 2006

I was at the gynae today.. the usual monthly check up and yesh~ I am at my week 16 now or otherwise the layman 4 months pregnant. Well for the past week I keep talkin to my bao bei.. tell him / her to cooperate so that papa and mama can "see" whether you are a girl or a boy? Well and everynight I think bao bei hear me say the same thing also sian so he / she begins to move vigously in my tummy.. and ooh .. the feeling is good.. haha perhaps bao bei still small..

so it is the time for the truth.. no ultrasound scan pictures today.. but doctor did a thorough scan from between the legs then another scan from bao bei's head.. Keke.. and guess what? My ever dearest gynae Dr Benjamin Tham said, "I think most probably a boy.. you see the triangular thing there in between the legs?" (referring to the didi) Hubby and I were like stunned! Then the gynae added something, "hmm I hate to tell the wrong things about scans but yours most probably a boy, 80%...hmm 90%" This left us speechless.. and our jaws were practically touching the floor haha.. I can tell you the both of us were like looking at each other's eyes with tears welling just in my eyes lah.. I was like "phew~" Then hubby quickly throw me another satisfied look.. Then I quickly rolled my eyes.. haha but gynae concluded with another sentence, "Alright, we confirm things on the next check up ok?"

Well I am really not sure whether I should be happy or not.. if you know, I always wanted a girl first then a boy. But then since God had since decided for me, I had also decided to respect God's grant. Afterall this is God's gift to me as he know I am ready to take care of my bao bei once he is born out to this world. Ok I sound Christian but I am not. But at the corner of the my heart God do exist. Oh well before I start bothering you with God and praises... Let me end my this session of blog soon cos it is time to bath and TV!

Hee~ Godmas here is my darling boy boy on the way liao.. so where are my Osh Kosh B'Gosh jumper? Haha or perhaps Levi's kids also can..
Wahaha~! some ideas for boy boy's full month / 1 year old presents?

boy boy jumper?
see the girl girl jumper.. kawaii neh! haha.. ya.. can buy for mei mei next time hor..?

I want this one Godma! wahah.. but yellow a bit difficult to match lah.. trust your taste.. choose a more netrual colour ya? haha..

sumptous dinner part 1

13 August 2006

Since my sweetie mama is away on a holiday with ah ma.. Ray and I decided to bring my dear papa out for dinner.. And for an undisclosed reason, he said he will bring us to eat at Tan Chin Lee Seafood Restaurant. Situated at Tuas, this restaurant had been in operation for about 30 years or so.. so here the pictures of my sunday sumptous dinner.. but beware, looking too much might induce salivating at the keyboard *hiak* and of cos this meal ease my weird craving of crabs.. here they are..

dish 1: sharksfin soup.. woo hoot~! add a bit of vinegar and pepper.. and its heaven~!

dish 2: steam hongkong style soon hock.. yummy~!

dish 3: stired fried asparagus with scallops.. juicy~!
dish 4: yang zhou fried rice.. fwah~! this is like the best fried rice I had ever eaten and it is only $8!

5th and the most impt dish of the night: Chilli crab with man tou.. *think of it makes me salivate*
am I cute? wahahah...
this is the last man tou of the day.. I was so excited about putting my man tou with the chilli sauce from the crabs that I nearly forgot to take pictures. Ha~ this man tou is Ray's one.. *shake head* for a while papa though they were free but they cost $0.50 each.. wah think we carrot ah..
alright start cleaning your keyboard now.. haha.. then papa said this meal is only part 1 cos when mama comes back this sat, we will go for another round.. and we will try jio my ah jie go too. so will be 4 + 1 of us.. haha~

bad day.. :(

8 August 2006

I went to Causeway point with my darling and baby.. oh well cos bought some tops from the push cart the day before but realize it was too small for me.. Nvm so ah lao very good, purposely bring me to Causeway point to change. But it was that particular night when I nearly fell! Oh what the heck.. My right foot stepped on some shirt peg (which you would usually find with a new shirt, the white kind of peg which holds the shirt in place, if you know what I am saying). Then in reaction with my slip, my left knee went kneeling down onto the floor. Ya ya.. now got one blue black one my left knee, as big as a 50 cents coin *tap fingers on table*.. Actually wanted to post the picture here but ah lao said scared affect your appetite *ho ho*

but all wells ends well.. haha cos ah lao said next time he will hold my hand tighter. :D so far bao bao still good and kicking. and he kicks alot! ya some moms said baby would probably start kicking from 20 weeks (or 5 months) but I can tell you mine is kicking all the way from week 12. this was confirm when I was doing the ultrasound the previous round at week 12, the screen was showing my baby was flexing and moving his spine and I could literally feel it instanteously. Gynae said, "your baby very active." ho hum.. good sign or bad sign? haha.. till next check up..

week 12

20 July 2006

here is our bao bei at week 12 scan.. today I saw bao bei flexing his / her spine and sucking his / her thumb during the scan. The feeling was like woah~! Hee.. no wonder Kit (potential Godma) bet that it is gonna be a boy.. what's your take? We are fine for girl or boy though.. *hiak*

week 10

7 July 2006

this is our bao bei at week 10.. still taken at Sengkang KK clinic. My gynae, Dr Benjamin Tham is a dedicated doctor. He spent some time advising me on how to take care of my bao bei.. today is also the first time I saw my bao bei moving the hands during the ultrasound scan. hee.. such an amazing feeling! Gynae said baby very active.. oh oh..

first visit to the gynae..

16 June 2006

my first visit to the gynae when our bao bei was 7 weeks old.
It really takes me a while and definitely some courage to create this blog of ours.. here it is.. the milestones of our little one.. belonging just to Ray and myself. our bao bei..
our bao bei at a mere 13.1 mm with a heartbeat of 200 beats per minute. It was just beyond words when we did this ultrasound at the Sengkang KK clinic.

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