Sunday, December 17, 2006

baby's receiving shawl..

after searching high and low for a receiving shawl for baby, this was the one that I had finally chosen for baby.. and I would say it was a good purchase as it only cost $16! cute right?

first gift from papa..

baby's first pressie from dear papa.. he said it was "love at first sight" hmm.. :D

washing baby clothes

I had since started washing baby clothes since some weeks ago.. wah.. using baby detergent is one good feeling as it smells good and it just reminds me that bao bei is coming out real soon! well.. here is one interesting picture dear baby's papa had taken..

Thursday, December 07, 2006

baby at week 32..

use a little of your imagination.. this ultrasound shows the face of my bao bei tilted at 45 degress, revealing a bit of his front chest.. hoho.. and did I say that I saw him yawning that day?
SO CUTE! bao bei ah bao bei.. pray hard for mummy to give birth to you thru natural birth ok? :D

gift from nic yi yi..

voila~ ah xiu.. here it is.. the ever cutest changing mat Nic yi yi had bought for baby on last monday from Mothercare..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

counting down..

Today marks a exact 2 months away from my EDD.. according to
I am suppose to start packing a bag which I will bring to the hospital during delivery period.. Well here are a list of things the webby had suggested me to bring..

  1. snacks to keep energy up and gum or mints for bad breath
  2. books or magazines
  3. nursing nightie or nursing bra
  4. a going home suit for baby
  5. a camera or camcorder

and on top on this list, I will also pack

  1. a pair of mittens and socks for baby
  2. a receiving shawl
  3. small hand towel for feeding or cleaning baby

hmm.. what else?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the new list of to-buy-items

Haiyo.. me bored at home again cos my dear ah lao got exercise in camp so I come in kpo bloggin again :D oh well I rem I said in my previous blog that I will post a new list of to-buy-items right.. Alrightly.. here it is..

Sleeping items:
1. baby cot
2. baby pillow + bolster
3. blanket
4. waterproof mat
5. receiving shawl (those towel-like blanket used to wrap babies)

1. baby tub
2. non slip mat
3. soft face towels
4. bath towels
5. body shampoo + shower foam
6. baby oil
7. baby powder
8. nail clipper
9. comb / brush set (is this reli necessary? :D)
10. cotton buds

1. changing mat (ah xiu.. rem to buy the giraffe one we saw in Mothercare keke)
2. nappy liners
3. cloth diapers
4. safety pins for cloth diapers
5. plastic pants
6. disposable diapers
7. wet tissues
8. diaper rash cream
9. baby clothes detergent

1. short sleeve T-shirt
2. long sleeve button T-shirt
3. long pants
4. rompers (full body suits)
5. booties and mittens
6. shorts
7. sleep suits

1. sterilizer
2. milk bottles
3. bottle teats
4. milk powder
5. milk powder containers
6. thermo flask
7. pacifier with cover
8. bottle and nipple cleaning liquid
9. bottle and nipple cleaning brush

Breast feeding
1. breast pads
2. breast pump
3. breast feed milk bottles
4. cream
5. nursing bras and tops

*phew* this list is extracted then edited by yours truely. The original list can be found from and it is with compliments from one of my frd called Geraldine.. no doubt I don't see her often but really appreciate that she gave me this link as it really helps me alot..
but of course this list grows non-stop.. but I am quite contended in a way cos my other dear friend (a mother of 2) Christina had given me some of the bulk items such as the baby cot cum playpen, walker, tons of baby clothes and etc.. *salute* which in turns really helps me saves a lot.. so far *count fingers* I think I had already spent close to $700+ (including the hefty $429 pram) for baby liao.. hee.. actually I still have some items which I had short listed from Kiddy palace but waiting for ah lao's bonus to come end of the year :D

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mammoth waistline.. still in the midst of growing..

Yes this is my current waistline.. in case you were wondering.. 42 inches to be exact.. in case you can't see haha.. and it is still growing..

yes this is the right hand view of my tummy.. bigger in person in fact.. with my little darling at 1.2kg + if you missed the previous post.. and yes underneath the t-shirt are tons and tons of stretchmarks.. please dont remind me.. *shake head* :D

First online purchase for baby..

First pair of socks for my little darling.. cuties isnt it? :D

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Baby in the tummy @ 30 weeks

Your baby's lungs and digestive tract are almost fully developed. While your baby may soon slow up growing in length, (he measures about 15.7 inches/ 40 centimetres from crown to toe by now), he will continue to gain weight until he's born.

This week your baby continues to open and shut his eyes. He can probably see what's going on in utero, distinguish light from dark and even track a light source. If you shine a light on your stomach, your baby may move his head to follow the light or even reach out to touch the moving glow. Some researchers think baring your stomach to light stimulates visual development. But don't expect 20/20 vision when your baby is born -- newborns can see a distance of only about 8 to 12 inches/ 20 to 30 centimetres. (Children with normal vision don't reach 20/20 vision until about age 7 to 9.) To complete the picture, your baby now has eyebrows and eyelashes.

A pint and a half/around a litre of amniotic fluid now surrounds your baby but that volume decreases as he gets bigger and has less room in your uterus. As you and the baby continue to grow, don't be alarmed if you feel
breathless, as if you can't get enough air; it's just your uterus pressing against your diaphragm. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. At about 34 weeks (or just before delivery, if this is your second or third pregnancy), your baby's head will move down into your pelvis as the baby gets into the right position for birth. That will make breathing and eating a lot easier.

Hey guys.. me again haha.. well I feel moving into week 30 is quite significant to me therefore I wish to share some of my bao bei's information with you.. Ta dah.. (as above). you must be wondering.. wah so fast 30 weeks liao.. yes.. if you should know, a baby will be consider full term at 37 weeks (slightly a bit before 40 weeks). Oops.. think I forgot to update you guys about my latest check up.. so here it is..

07 Nov 06 (Tuesday)

went for my week 29 (approximately 7 months +) check up at gynae and Dr Tham said everything is fine.. I had put on 1.7 kg since the last visit about 4 weeks ago (don't tell you my weight :P). We did an ultrasound of bao bei and I had since ask Dr what is the weight of baby.. He said 1.2kg! I was like "WOAH~! datz a lot!" But surprisingly Dr said it is considered normal, so as long as I do not put on more than 2 kg per month, baby should put on a considerably weight as well.. hehe.. *phew*

Then on the same day, at TPS (short for The Private Suite), I signed up for the delivery package as well. Actually before we went for this appointment, ah lao had I had been discussing about what package we should picked up. Well for my personal thoughts, as this is gonna be my first delivery, I actually "psycho-ed" ah lao to let me take the A1 ward *cunning look* since A1 ward is the only ward that allows our husband to stay overnight with us for 3 days.. so are you considering too? *hiak* anyway the charges are as follows:

A1 ward: average bill size for

Natural birth > $3.5K (2 days stay)

Caesaren> $5.3K (3 days stay)

Hmm sounds ex right.. but after deduction from Medisave (eligible for $1.7K), we actually have to fork out another $1.8K cash.. *finger tremble when I sign Visa for this amount* hehe.. anyway I had signed liao so no more regrets! :D

alright! time for shower, till the next post.. *pat pat stomach.. baby what are you doing? mommy go pompom liao ok?" :D

Monday, November 13, 2006

MC~ again..

This morning I woke up with quite a bit of headache.. "a bout of miagrain again" I reckon.. So I happily sms-ed my boss and senior teacher that I cant go to work.. then I happily plotted my head back to bed... zzzz.. till 11 am plus when I woke up. Oh by the way, did I mention that my ah lao also did not go to work? haha.. oh well.. so the first thing I did after I wash up, I went to the GP at the next block.. *initially wanted to keng mc for one day*

So after a few minutes of talking with the GP, he kindly concluded that I might be at risk for pre-eclampsia.. so he got a little worried and told me to rest for two days.. *yeah* then he gave me this sheet of paper on how to prevent myself from further miagrain attacks.... woo.. if you had read, pre-eclampsia is something that is quite serious esp when I was detected with slight high BP and headaches incidents.. hmm.. anyway I am really taking care of myself.. don't get too worried ya.. *smile*

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

first gift from kit yi yi..

04 Nov 06 Satuday
went baby shopping with kit last sat and guess what? she bought the first gift for my bao bei.. here it is.. it was love at first sight.. for her.. *hiak*

and this is the photo of our honourable "Eyeore" before I will snip his hair away.. :D but I wun do it so fast yet.. wait for baby to come out first then snip. And I already told baby last sat that this present is from kit yi yi and he was all so excited as I used Eyeore to literally knock on my stomach and he responded by kicking back! So fun right.. haha.. well last sat I also bought nappy and nappy liners for him.. cheap I would say. Waiting for this weekend as it will be another "baby items shopping" for him again..

"Kiddy Palace here I come!"

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Baby in the tummy @ 26 weeks

Measuring your baby from top to toe with his legs extended, he is about 14 inches/35.6 centimetres. He weighs a little more than 1.6 pounds/ 760 grams. Your baby's eyes begin to open around now. Response to sound grows more consistent toward the end of the seventh month, when the network of nerves to the ear is complete. He also continues to take small breaths and although he's only breathing in water and not air, it's still good practice for when he's born.

Since your baby is now growing so fast, and brain development is so intense at this stage, your
nutrition is very important. Continue to eat a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of grains and vegetables. Fibre-rich foods, including whole-grain breads and cereals, lentils and brown rice are high in vitamin B and help fend off constipation. Your antenatal classes should start sometime in the next few weeks, if it hasn't already. Classes should provide you with good, clear information about the birth and the early days of parenthood. Keeping informed goes a long way toward calming any concerns you may have about giving birth.

Hi again guys.. that day one of my best friend just commented that I had not been updating my blog *busy busy* hee.. so thought come up with this entry and also to share some thoughts with you guys.. sometimes I still don't believe that I am going to be a mummy.. ya laff at me if you want to but I reckon having baby kicking inside me is such a wonderful feeling, esp when I am not feeling well and I talk to baby about it, then he will kick me to respond. Haha.. guess next time he will only probably dazed at me ba.. :D oh.. and if you were wondering why am I typing this blog in the middle of my working hours? ya I am try to de-stress myself amidst this busiest period of the year.. 180 observations to do, progress report checklist to do, practice concert dance songs with my K1 and K2.. mayb not sounds bad to you but then again I guess being pregnant and to handle all these tasks at the same time is really not an easy job to do.. just wish me the best of luck and hope Nov pass smoothly.. *pray hard* Dec will be a better month.. really looking forwad to Jan when I will start my maternity leave.. *whistle*

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

cranky mood..

Hmm people said being pregnant will set your mood swings.. It is very true cos today is one of the day I felt really cranky..

For some background information, my centre is currently down by two teachers as one got sent back to china due to work permit problem and another one had quitted. Well boss said to cut cost, he said it was UNNECESSARY to employ another two. Ok .. nvm.. LL work.. I try not to go one MC or take leave. But apparently others beg to differ.

Ok for a start to my cranky day, two teachers went on URGENT leave. One had to send the mother to hospital, another one had to go to the hospital. *blood boiling* nvm.. ok.. i swallow.. then morning first lesson of the day, my K1s had to irritate me so much that I "whack" them upside down. Do worksheets never do probably never mind.. chin cai anyhow do want to pass up. *arghhhhhhhh*

nvm! 11 am came and my K2 darlings came.. they were good and clever enuf to "sense" that something was wrong.. but STILL!! they had to play like monkeys in the class! *blood boiling further* fine.. So I tahan somemore.. ok time for lunch.. so they said they want to play, fine! then this irritating boy (R) had to eat his porridge as if it is poison and he happily cough and spilt on my dress.. so I "jumped' on him.. $%$%&$%#^^ so angry.. lucky he half day if no I sure peng on the spot. Then these K2 children happily played at the block corner. Noise level very high .. nvm.. I tahan somemore.. ask them to pack as they are goin for nap time.. again throw the soft blocks ALL OVER the place.. *messssssssssy* I tahan somemore.. go back to class, they had to climbed onto the shelf in the mattress cupboard to get the mattress and this other boy (JX) had to make some funny noise in the class.. *ok time for me to explode* I cannot tahan anymore.. I immediately made JX stand at a corner of the class.. then he "diao" me ok? Simply pissed me off.. I then told the class that they are goin to get punished for the rest of the week.. no play allowed after lunch for one week!

Finally.. most of them asleep now.. only left this talkative girl (Alt) making monkey faces at another girl (MT).. *roll eyes*.. give you all time to sleep, dun want to sleep then later complain very tired.. what do you all want?

people say being pregnant, we should try to maintain our cool and smile more. But frankly speaking, we are not saint ok? And usually these "people" who said those theories are not the in the teaching line so it is ALWAYS very easy to say. You try to put yourself in my shoes.. or count the number of "I tahan somemore" in my blog, you would really think I am tryin to keep my cool. But sometimes the kids are so irritating that they can make you explode.

ok decided! later not goin to teach.. no point.. if not my yelling wun stop. Tmr got mooncake festival celebration in school somemore, imagine we have to work 12 hours straight! next week I SURE take treat you all MC. *confirmed staff liao entitled to 14 days MC* neh neh.. :D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

knicks and knacks of baby purchasing..

21 Sept 2006

Hiyo!! Wahaha.. been like two weeks since I last blogged? Well reli been caught up with work and more work.. But now very happy as I manage to loan my school's laptop back home.. supposedly to do my school work and send emails to parents and see what I am doin right now? keke..

oh actually my main reason for bloggin today is to ask around for you opinions on whether what I should buy for my baby. ok to start the ball rolling, one of my friend actually suggested the below items:

Must buy
1. diapers
2. baby powder
3. baby lotion
4. baby wipes
5. cot + mattress for the cot
6. drinking bottle + bottle nipples + washing brushes for the bottles
7. warmer carrier for milk bottles
8. detergent that is for washing babies' clothing
9. towels (depends)
10.nappy rash cream

Take hand-me down
1. car seat
2. pram
3. baby clothes including shoes and toys

Optional pacifier
1. pacificer

well so far I already owned these few items:
1. pram (just bought recently kaka.. )
2. milk bottle sterilizer (pass downed by a frd but it is brand new)
3. baby cot bumper

Hmmm.. then this afternoon my colleague just mentioned to me it might not be necessary to buy a baby cot cos can just the baby slp with me on my mattress while let ah lao sleep on the single mattress. she said it will help cut cost lor, and the other thing is that not all babies like to sleep in cots.. make sense to me cos the cot I bio-ed is $700+... wahhaha.. reli depends whether I might buy a cot as I personally feel that price is a factor too, first child doesn't mean can splurge hor.. Anyone wanna sponser? *cover mouth laff*

haha think by next month I will write another list of items so that you can choose what to buy.. wahaha.. alright.. time for shower then supper (fillet-o-fish).. woo ho..

Monday, September 11, 2006

first purchase at mothercare..

11 Sept 2006 (part II)

heyo.. me again.. hahah too difficult to conceal my excitment so have to post two blogs today. well after the visit to KKH, ah lao and me went to plaza sing.. motive is to go to the Creative shop as he is looking for interface sticker for his MP3 player. but guess who is the bigger winner today? me.. haha.. reason being is that I actually bought a pram for my baby today! yes it cost heaps.. $429 for a baby pram sounds expensive? cos it is of Maclaren brand. and here are the descriptions:

Features + Functionality
-5-point harness
-Removable/washable seat
-Coordinating footmuff available
-Single-hand fold
-Hood and rain cover included
-Lockable swivel wheels
-Ergonomic handles
-Carry handle
-Storage pocket on back of hood
-Reflective accents
-UV treated viewing window on hood
-UV treated sun visor
-Extendable leg rest
-Height adjustable shoulder harness straps
Shoulder pads

handle height: 104-111cm/41-44in
width (open): 49cm/19in
length (folded): 108cm/42.5in
wheel size: 16.5cm/6.5in

Hehe.. and you know when the shop assistant asked ah lao to try to manovere the pram, it suddenly dawned on me that ah lao is going to be a papa! Ya.. sounds funny I know but then look at the way he manipulate with the pram.. *gosh* suddenly my ah lao become so "manly" or perhaps "fatherly" haha.. (cover ears) later he sure say I siao char bo..

Anyway.. then in the midst of wiggling through Mothercare, I also manage to find another bargain set of baby clothes for my baby.. usual price $57, now offer $35 for a set of 7 bodysuits. Worth the $$ cos of the quality. anyway I am really tryin not to buy all the blue stuffs for boy boy lah but then again got white what.. haha..

And of course today I also shortlisted this cot from Mothercare.. dunno why, it just caught my eye like that.. actually had been "bio-ing" it for a couple of times liao. but itz quite ex as the cot itself cost around $300+ to $500+ (for the two different sizes) and the mattress itself is an additional $200+.. *still contemplating*.. ah.. time for my "lovely samsoon", photos to be updated later.. kaka.. till later..

first visit to KKH..

11 Sept 2006 (part I)

hey.. today I am scheduled to go for my detail scanning for my baby at KKH. ya.. 8 am in the morning, can you imagine I woke up like 650am? Itz madness.. so after a short struggle with dreamland, I manage to wake up and of cos make ah lao wake up too.. as he gonna accompany me to KKH. Equipped with some kopi-o and tea, we soon head our way to KKH.

Upon reaching KKH, alas! I then realized I forgot my appointment book.. grr.. think I am just too stone :S anyway I still manage to do my scan.. ta dah.. here is one of the ultrasound that I got back.. oya.. in case you were wondering.. yes confirm my baby is a boy.. kaka.. *cover mouth giggle*

oh well so it was a long day.. so soon after the detail scan and the talk with the doctor, we hung around KKH for a while as we also went to sign up for an antenatal class and had a talk with the counsellor for the delivery adminstration. Phew~ antenatal class cost $150 (eyes big) for 9 sessions of 90 min each, and we had since decided to opt for B1 Premier Package for my delivery (average bill of $2880 for a normal 3 days stay).. figures and figures.. it just makes my head spin.. not to mention that I ALREADY spent $100+ for the visit to the doc today (scan fee = $70+, see doc talk for 10 min = $50+ and medicine cost $50+)... argh.. and yes... the carpark entrance also very ex.. we parked for about 4 hrs and it cost $7.20! no wonder KKH very rich.. hmm.. what to do..

anyway here are some pics of KKH..

Thursday, September 07, 2006

gluttony me on ah lao's birthday

04 Sept 2006

haiyo.. happy birthday my baby.. well datz what I call my ah lao by the way.. mushy? haha.. used to it liao lah.. datz y I told ah lao that next time I call baby hor then he and small baby sure turn together one.. :D

oh well.. today is a special day.. no actually present for ah lao cos I told him his best present is in my tummy liao and he totally agreed! Haha.. not a happening birthday celebration I would say but still at least we went to Swensens at Compasspoint for dinner.. GPGT so no worries..

Pasta Aglio Oglio with prawns.. *slurps*

the all famous Fish and Chips! wahah..

the all famous French fries too.. ah lao too hungry liao.. haha

woo hoo.. the guest of the night.. Hazelnut ice cream topped with melted mashmellows, wafer biscuits and chocolate wafer biscuit.. *saliva drip* kaka.. till the next post..

first pagent I had attended..

03 Sept 2006

Top Little Supermodel Quest 2006 is the title of this pagent I attended today. You may ask.. "you go where find this lobang". Hehe.. well one of this girl in my K2 class is a participant of this show and her parents had politely invited my chinese teacher and myself (of cos pulled husband along) to the show. Wah really an eye opener.. along with it came a 9 course dinner (FOC - as in paid by Althea's father) and of course here are some pictures of the event itself. Hehe so during the very loud event, I still manage to ask ah lao this question: Next time if our boy boy or girl girl very good looking, shall we let him or her join this kind of pagent? He did not say anything, just rolled his eyes indicating "siao ah, you very rich izit?" haha.. ok nvm.. give me a punch on my head now..

anyway.. the judges..

the trophies..

the girl from my K2 class, Althea's banner at the entrance..

another of her banner.. cute right?

her third banner in the eveing gown..

Althea herself on that night.. gosh look at her make up..

oya.. nearly forgot. So Althea won of the trophies and title.. there were 10 different titles to be won.. if you had noticed from the trophies.. what Little Miss Supermodel lah.. Little Miss Photogenic lah.. Little Miss Talented lah.. ah.. whatever..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New hair cut..

1 Sept 2006

Happy Teacher's Day to all! Wah.. it is off day for me today.. but it is considered a happening day me and baby as baby followed me around the island for a ride.. here is my agenda for the day:

0640 hrs
woke up and send darling to work..

0715 hrs
too bored and went for breakfast myself at Rivervall Mall Mac.. sms my friends like mad while having breakfast.. haha.. sounds mad? Ya..

0830 hrs
went home, took a nap, woke up 1130 hrs

1145 hrs
reach Tan Chong Toa Payoh, send the car for servicing.. blah blah and met up with Kylie for lunch

1335 hrs
collected ride, boredom kicked in and decided to go for a haircut. Called salon while driving

1425 hrs
reached salon at Bukit Batok and realize my ex colleague was there as well for a haircut. Good.. Chat with her while director cut and cut my hair.. shrugs.. very short haircut.

so what's your take?

1730 hrs
left salon and fetched darling from camp in Changi (yes.. very far) then we went for dinner at Loyang Point (zhu chao)..

2330 hrs

oh no.. time to zz.. so blady tired.. tmr still gotta work ..

Sunday, August 27, 2006

durians fiesta..

26 August 2006

Today ah lao brought me go eat zhu cha tang.. my long time favourite at Lavender St, if you know which shop. Well very happy as after the meal, we went for durians at Geyland Lor 25A. Haha.. see my gluttony face and you will know how delicious the durians are..

the place.. the workers keep shouting "YELLOW YELLOW".. for a while hubby and I and friends were wondering what were they shouting.. haha in the end we realize, they were tryin to attract customers when they meant that the flesh of the durians were "yellow".. quite a lame word but see the crowd and you know they meant business! ;)

the first durian of the day.. *slurps* according to the guys over there, this kind of durian is rated "mao san king" and they are from Cameron Highlands. quite ex as they are priced at $13 per kg.

the 2nd batch of durians we ate.. kaka..

ya.. me and my gluttony face with my big pimple on my forehead. woo... eat until want to vomit.. haha.. aiyo.. then when I got home, I think due to indigestion, I could not sleep properly though I was very tired. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night just to keep burping (with durians smell).. then as I was having a bad cough, I literally vomitted some durians out.. *yicks* haha..

week 16..

18 August 2006

I was at the gynae today.. the usual monthly check up and yesh~ I am at my week 16 now or otherwise the layman 4 months pregnant. Well for the past week I keep talkin to my bao bei.. tell him / her to cooperate so that papa and mama can "see" whether you are a girl or a boy? Well and everynight I think bao bei hear me say the same thing also sian so he / she begins to move vigously in my tummy.. and ooh .. the feeling is good.. haha perhaps bao bei still small..

so it is the time for the truth.. no ultrasound scan pictures today.. but doctor did a thorough scan from between the legs then another scan from bao bei's head.. Keke.. and guess what? My ever dearest gynae Dr Benjamin Tham said, "I think most probably a boy.. you see the triangular thing there in between the legs?" (referring to the didi) Hubby and I were like stunned! Then the gynae added something, "hmm I hate to tell the wrong things about scans but yours most probably a boy, 80%...hmm 90%" This left us speechless.. and our jaws were practically touching the floor haha.. I can tell you the both of us were like looking at each other's eyes with tears welling just in my eyes lah.. I was like "phew~" Then hubby quickly throw me another satisfied look.. Then I quickly rolled my eyes.. haha but gynae concluded with another sentence, "Alright, we confirm things on the next check up ok?"

Well I am really not sure whether I should be happy or not.. if you know, I always wanted a girl first then a boy. But then since God had since decided for me, I had also decided to respect God's grant. Afterall this is God's gift to me as he know I am ready to take care of my bao bei once he is born out to this world. Ok I sound Christian but I am not. But at the corner of the my heart God do exist. Oh well before I start bothering you with God and praises... Let me end my this session of blog soon cos it is time to bath and TV!

Hee~ Godmas here is my darling boy boy on the way liao.. so where are my Osh Kosh B'Gosh jumper? Haha or perhaps Levi's kids also can..
Wahaha~! some ideas for boy boy's full month / 1 year old presents?

boy boy jumper?
see the girl girl jumper.. kawaii neh! haha.. ya.. can buy for mei mei next time hor..?

I want this one Godma! wahah.. but yellow a bit difficult to match lah.. trust your taste.. choose a more netrual colour ya? haha..

sumptous dinner part 1

13 August 2006

Since my sweetie mama is away on a holiday with ah ma.. Ray and I decided to bring my dear papa out for dinner.. And for an undisclosed reason, he said he will bring us to eat at Tan Chin Lee Seafood Restaurant. Situated at Tuas, this restaurant had been in operation for about 30 years or so.. so here the pictures of my sunday sumptous dinner.. but beware, looking too much might induce salivating at the keyboard *hiak* and of cos this meal ease my weird craving of crabs.. here they are..

dish 1: sharksfin soup.. woo hoot~! add a bit of vinegar and pepper.. and its heaven~!

dish 2: steam hongkong style soon hock.. yummy~!

dish 3: stired fried asparagus with scallops.. juicy~!
dish 4: yang zhou fried rice.. fwah~! this is like the best fried rice I had ever eaten and it is only $8!

5th and the most impt dish of the night: Chilli crab with man tou.. *think of it makes me salivate*
am I cute? wahahah...
this is the last man tou of the day.. I was so excited about putting my man tou with the chilli sauce from the crabs that I nearly forgot to take pictures. Ha~ this man tou is Ray's one.. *shake head* for a while papa though they were free but they cost $0.50 each.. wah think we carrot ah..
alright start cleaning your keyboard now.. haha.. then papa said this meal is only part 1 cos when mama comes back this sat, we will go for another round.. and we will try jio my ah jie go too. so will be 4 + 1 of us.. haha~

bad day.. :(

8 August 2006

I went to Causeway point with my darling and baby.. oh well cos bought some tops from the push cart the day before but realize it was too small for me.. Nvm so ah lao very good, purposely bring me to Causeway point to change. But it was that particular night when I nearly fell! Oh what the heck.. My right foot stepped on some shirt peg (which you would usually find with a new shirt, the white kind of peg which holds the shirt in place, if you know what I am saying). Then in reaction with my slip, my left knee went kneeling down onto the floor. Ya ya.. now got one blue black one my left knee, as big as a 50 cents coin *tap fingers on table*.. Actually wanted to post the picture here but ah lao said scared affect your appetite *ho ho*

but all wells ends well.. haha cos ah lao said next time he will hold my hand tighter. :D so far bao bao still good and kicking. and he kicks alot! ya some moms said baby would probably start kicking from 20 weeks (or 5 months) but I can tell you mine is kicking all the way from week 12. this was confirm when I was doing the ultrasound the previous round at week 12, the screen was showing my baby was flexing and moving his spine and I could literally feel it instanteously. Gynae said, "your baby very active." ho hum.. good sign or bad sign? haha.. till next check up..

week 12

20 July 2006

here is our bao bei at week 12 scan.. today I saw bao bei flexing his / her spine and sucking his / her thumb during the scan. The feeling was like woah~! Hee.. no wonder Kit (potential Godma) bet that it is gonna be a boy.. what's your take? We are fine for girl or boy though.. *hiak*

week 10

7 July 2006

this is our bao bei at week 10.. still taken at Sengkang KK clinic. My gynae, Dr Benjamin Tham is a dedicated doctor. He spent some time advising me on how to take care of my bao bei.. today is also the first time I saw my bao bei moving the hands during the ultrasound scan. hee.. such an amazing feeling! Gynae said baby very active.. oh oh..

first visit to the gynae..

16 June 2006

my first visit to the gynae when our bao bei was 7 weeks old.
It really takes me a while and definitely some courage to create this blog of ours.. here it is.. the milestones of our little one.. belonging just to Ray and myself. our bao bei..
our bao bei at a mere 13.1 mm with a heartbeat of 200 beats per minute. It was just beyond words when we did this ultrasound at the Sengkang KK clinic.

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