Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tips on preparing for Pri School test/exams..

Hey it has been a while. I was so caught with work really. 

Anyway since this is the period for Continual Assesment (CA), I thought it would be good for me to share some tips on how to prep yourself and your kids for the primary school tests/exams. 

It's quite a sad fact to say that once your kid starts Pri School, reality does sinks in. You really need much more time to sit down and do work with your child. Be it daily work or doing assesment books. To be honest, I learn things the hard way. I used to be have the luxury of time when I used to check Isa's bag and homework every single day. But ever since I had Lil I, time is so tight that I decided to let loose of the reins. I will just check Isa's bag randomly and told him it is HIS job to do so. It took us quite long and many teary days. In fact, he is still not very good at managing his work and such but I decided to let loose cos I know he can't rely on me forever. But I know he is coping better.

And so my tips!

Tip 1: revise on a regular basis

Ask your child about he has learn in school. Say on a weekly basis. Revise this on a weekly or monthly basis rather than cramp everything in days before exams. Ask what are the techniques their school teacher has taught them. Don't be in a surprise if your child is able to tell you so many details.

Tip 2: set a routine to study 

Draw up a schedule or a timetable to make learning visual for your child. Most children are visual learners so it will make your life and their life easier. Here is ours..

And here is my calendar! Easy for a no brainer like me as I dislike keeping things in my head.

Tip 3: finding the way to rev the engine

Children are children. Or maybe it's jus my kid. He will never have the initiative to start his engine for revision. For him, setting him a schedule (like the above) is like his key to ignite the engine. 

And also I don't deny that I scold, yell and also hit my son when it comes to his work. Please don't judge me as we all have different parenting styles. I only thank my understanding Neighbour who can tolerate my occassion yelling. 

Interesting thing is once the engine starts for this young man of mine, he usually can bury his head into his work for a few hours, which is kinda sufficient for a day.

Tip 4: study together with your child

I always believe emotional support is a very important tool for all of us. Thus I will always try to revise together w Isa. I would look thru on what he is learning and in the meanwhile I study his Science guidebook and write out some notes for him to revise. 

It was 130am when I was doing this the last night. Yawnnn

Tip 5: sustaining energy 

I usually set a frame of 3 hours for revision. On a perfect day, Isa can do 2 sessions of 3 hours revision so it's usually  10am-1pm and 4pm to 7pm kind. 6 hours a day is a lot right? I know. Hahahahah *evil mum snigger*

Question is: how to sustain his energy and concentration? For Isa, mainly it's food and water but I also use Young Living essential oils on him before he starts his study. Do email me if you are interested to know which are the oils I use. 

It is only this year that I also give Isa essence of chicken in the morning, every single morning of exams day. I would think it kinda help. No brands preferred though. 

Tip 6: sleep early

On a normal day, Isa usually wakes 650am and will sleep 10-1030pm. But during this exam period, I will usually try chase him to sleep as early as 930pm. It is not visible but I know sleeping a little early will always allow him to have better concentration for the next day.

Oh well.. So this is my sharing. Hope they help you in this tough period. Jia you mummies!


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birthday month reflection II: give back to society

As we age.. I reckon my mindset do change along the way. And of cos I'm saying making changes to gear towards a more enriching life. I might not have the luxury to tour round the world (maybe not yet) but I do hope my hands can help some in this world. Yes I'm talking about contributing back to the society. 

This year, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to be part of the group to give my little efforts for #YLfoundation #solehope campaign. And so.. After making some arrangements, I was there for the shoe-cutting event on 14 July 2016 with a lot of my fellow oilers.

I will not say it was an easy task but compare to the children who have jiggers in Uganda, my numb thumb from the after effects of cutting the denims were really nothing.

I simply love it when life is full of chances for us to appreciate what we have.

What an enriching July indeed. And this will kickstart the round of birthdays celebrations till Jan..

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Birthday month reflection I: Thankful for friends..

July is always the favorite month of the year for me for it is my birthday month. Since today was a public holiday so we took a chance of celebrating by having a gathering at my place w my favourite group of friends in which one of them is Ray Papa's god sis whose birthday is jus a day after mine.

There isn't much fanfare like those days where we would plan for birthday gifts accompanied by overnight karaoke session followed by first bus home. Now it's as simple as getting together and having a meal while the kids play together. 

Now it's just these kids who lead the day for us. And this was like one of the best shots for the day.

And anyone wanna guess what programme was on the tv that kept the children so intrigued.?

Thank you my friends. Am very thankful for you all who has gone a long with us.
We love you folks. Hope we can gather soon again.. Soon ah!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Animal Resort in Seletar West Farmway..

Looking for some ideas for this June holidays? 

Well but here is one of our (rather - the kids' favourite) hangout spots to go on a typical weekend morning for us.

The Animal Resort

Many years ago, on our first attempt, we did not manage to find the place. But recently since the improvement of the directions for roads, we manage to find the place. Yeah! Ok maybe it was just me who could not find the place. 

The very creative signages.

More about PIN Number. And not I am not talking about your PIN number..

This is PIN Number.

The kiddos having fun feeding the rabbits.

One scary cat with the peacock.

Think he is more comfortable climbing the frames.

A panaromic view of the place.

To be honest, I was not very impressed with the place as the parking was not as friendly as Farmart which is why we frequent the Animal Corner more. Click here to read more. but it is a good place to come especially when it is nested at such a convenient place, you can even consider having a prata session at Jalan Kayu, which is less than 3 minute drive away. 

Monday, May 16, 2016

How to bring down a fever the natural way.. Suitable for babies and toddlers

Maybe not many of you might know but Lil I was bugged down by our most common hated enemy of all: viral fever.

You see it right: viral fever.

We all have that hair pulling moments with kids who fall sick, isnt it?

Imagine Lil I has fever on 3 occasions in 3 separate weeks straight. It's like fever for 2 days, recover.. A week later, fever comes again.. A week later, fever comes again. 
It was like a cycle we could not break. 
In fact last week his fever was so high (40.3'C) that we have to send him to the hospital to do a check. Anyway it was not even a thorough check. Eventually we made another visit to our GP on the next day and he was more assuring instead.

I'm not an expert but I believe many of us will try to use the so many methods we heard to bringing down a fever. Just to let you know I'm not here to offer you sure remedy, cure or treatment methods. These are just some alternative ways other than the fever medicine that I had used and it works for my baby boy.

Method 1: sponging with water dripped with essential oils
Sponge with water is normal but have you try to drip several drops in the routine of sponging?
I would recommend drip several drops of recommended essential oils into your basin of water for sponging. 

  • In Lil I's case, I use 3-4 drops of lavender essential oils, 2 teaspoons of Epsom salt in warm water bath. Try to let the water level be as high as his chest to have a better effect. You can purchase epsom salt in pharmacy such as Watsons or Guardian.
  • We also tried to sponge him with tepid water dripped with several drops of peppermint oil. 

Method 2: pressing on accupressure points

Press the digital nerves and meridians.
These points can be found at the sides of all your fingers.

One cycle is to do for all 10 fingers. Repeat as often as many cycles. I could only do max 2-3 cycles as Lil I will get uncomfortable and started to cringe.

Method 3: keep child hydrated. 

Always keep your kiddos hydrated in fever episodes. My GP ever told me before, the more dehydrated the child is, the fever might just persist longer. We literally feed anything that is feasible.. From water to barley to anything that is good. But we would avoid cold and fizzy drinks though. 

Method 4: applying essential oils on vital areas

My favourite range of oils for subduing the fever

Swipe off the bottle of these oils. You may wish to rub along the spine, chest and/or forehead of your child to help keep the temperature down or till fever is broke. You can apply one at a time, rest for a few minutes before you apply another or you can wish to layer them if you wish. Layer them in this sense means you can rub the essential oils one after another without much waiting.

In additional, it is also good to rub diluted Peppermint oil and/or Thieves oils on child's feet. 

Method 5: change of diet

Give more soft based food like porridge, rice with soup or even mee sua with a good soup base. Avoid greasy, fried, unhealthy snacks that will induced heatiness in the body. 

On a personal basis. I have had use all methods all together. It doesn't matter which order you put them in but as long as you are comfortable with using them, please go ahead. Many mummies can get anxious when fever don't break as fast as they expect. Remember whether medication or essential oils are not magic, you just need to be patient in using them. On an average, it might take 15-30 min for a fever to break if you try any methods to bring down a fever.

But like now after being a mom of 3: I would say I'm quite the chilled mum now. I always believe that if children are still active and alert: can play and eat kind, I do not actually feel so worried if the fever is under 38.5'C. And also believe in your instinct when it comes to the care of your child. 
Rather please do not hesistate to seek professional help for medical advice if you feel your child is more lethargic and feeding less than usual.

"Mama..let's fight the fever monster"
"Didi.. But I'm not the monster, I'm jus a Momster"

And after 4 days of consistent work, I'm more than happy to see my happy boy back in action!

Oops. No no it's not child labour. This is just a toddler who is imitating our daily chores. :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post from Young Living Essential Oils. I am a distributor (Member no. #1470400) of Young Living Essential Oils. Email me at should you have any enquiries. I will try and answer within my ability. All experience, opinions and sharing are of my own.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

What to do when your car is due for scrap.. Memories of xiaohei

You know the absence of some things make your heart ache. And losing you is one of them.

You are one of the most memorable things in our life as you came into our life  at a important time. Right after we came back from our honeymoon. You were there.. A black knight in shinning armour waiting for us to pick u up.

You were there at our wedding.. you were there since when I conceive Isa.. You were here to shuttle me for all the pregnancies to the doctor.. You were there to bring me home when I'm so tired after a long day.. You were there to bring me to my favourite places.. You were always there on every single occasion..

But after today.. You will not be here anymore as we bade our last goodbye to you at the scrap yard on 30/04. Tears welled up in my eyes a little. But I had to bit my lips hard and fight back the tears. I don't even want to think I bear to see you being scraped! I think I'm one of the silliest person in the world to be so emo over a car. Or maybe tell me I'm not alone. It had been a jolly good ten years.

We have been calling her xiaohei (meaning Blackie) all these while. And only recently Dora has been calling her Xiao hei hei.. I'm sure I'm not alone to bear sending xiaohei for scrap.

What a journey.

By the way.. Ever wonder what u need to do before u scrap a car? Here are the simplified step by step administrative work you need to do before you proceed to drive your car to the scrap yard. I would recommend you should do this about 2-3 weeks ahead of the last day in which your car is due for scrap.

1. Apply for a PIN at for scrapping  your car. You should receive this PIN in your mail in about a week or so.
2. Settle all outstanding payments of the car. You need to go to your financial company (whether it's the bank or other financial company).
3. Call them the next day to make sure they release this thing called Form B. This is a very important as this procedure might take DAYS...... We called the bank like 3 times just to make sure it is done.
4. Look for the appointed scrap yards on the LTA website. 
5. Documents to bring along when u surrender the car at the scrap yard. 
- identify card, your PIN and a form to scrap the car (you can get a soft copy of this at the LTA website)
6. Say goodbye to the car!! Rem take some pictures at the scrap yard!
7. You will receive a stack of documents from the admin at the scrap yard office to tell you how to actually encash your the PARF value of the car at the LTA website, a letter to cancel your season parking and etc. 
8. Mulled over the scrap car just like me :(

And here was our final goodbye.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A new milestone..Starting school at 18months old+

"Mama.. are you saying I am going to school soon?"

maybe if I pretend to be a princess, can I dont go?

Or is it a better idea for me to be a prince charming?

I think the teacher dont like if someone is too glutton right?

And I think I am too cheeky for school!

"Wait mama.. Did u say I'm going to school next week?"

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One day short of 18 months..

Actually lil I has been taking a few steps by himself since 14mths or so  but it was only until yesterday that our littlest one decided that walking is a new freedom!
I smell more trouble soon! 

Way to go my little one!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tween.. what?

Since the beginning of the year, I have a feeling that I am losing the grip with my eldest. I just could not pinpoint to what I was searching for. For a moment I thought I was being too harsh.. for a moment I think I was being too lenient.

Maybe it is the time that we spent were getting lesser, maybe he was getting less attention, maybe he was fighting for more freedom *gasp*.. 
whatever it is.. I know I am losing grip of this person in which I used to call him "the little man"..
Perhaps he is just showing budding symptoms of a tween! Like they always say that this man is a mature little man since from a young age.

so fast!!!

One of those nights at Daiso w the boys.
Love their matchy tees

At U Picnic about 3 weekends ago.

At legoland 2 weekends ago. Love it when the two of them show so much love for each other.

At the airport T3.

Slowly little man.. slowly.. I know you will be a fine man one day.

Friday, March 18, 2016

One last minute surprise for the kids.. Legoland Malaysia..

It was a rather hasty and last minute decision between 3 mummies that all (almost) their kids ended up with a good surprise to Legoland!

And in order to save the hassle of driving, we booked a Malaysia MPV to come fetch us at 745am (yawnnn) as we were worried of the holidays-anticipated-jam along the causeway.

And so after an hour of jam and after breakfast, we reached Legoland at 10.30am!


Isa very enthusiastic about car rides this time.

 Isa in action! Here we go!
We waited an average of 30 minutes for the ride. But I would say you would need enough manpower and some strategies to go Q for a ride.

This is like the best souvenir for the kiddos.
And anyone knows what is class D?

Dora in da shark.

Mei mei.. you must learn how to dramatise more like Papa..

Dora and I in the boat ride!
See the tomato face?
Love our similar haircut :D

And someone is tall enough for MANY rides..

Liked I always say.. I will never save on this rental for strollers.
We rented one despite bringing one of our own.
And here it is, the single one will cost you RM$40 for a single and you are required to pay a deposit of another RM$40.
Doubles would cost RM$80 and deposit as followed.

And spinning cups make the children so happy!
And one of our strategies is when we have enough manpower, not all adults have to be on the rides?

At the entrance of some dungeons.
And dont ask me why Isa is posing such.

Dora is just into posing into a muscle girl.

And post lunch rain made me whip out raincoat.
And so another strategy is to bring raincoats for the kids as umbrellas are heavy to carry.
Isa was trying to swallow the mist from the fans nearby.

And so Dora followed korkor "swallowing" the mist.
But mei.. there is no mist.

Love the miniland section of Legoland.
And we literally combed only half of it as we only had about 5 hours for it as our transport came and picked up at 4pm and this includes lunch.
I would say quite a achievement for us.
Till the next round for more updated pictures.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

Some parenting experiences that we face..

Situation 1: food before meal 

Just one of those afternoons in the car that the kids decided to share a burger... Before dinner. 

What would you do?

Say no? We say "yes of course!" Anything to make the kids happy. Apparently this dream burger not only make the kids happy, they still had their dinner after that. 

Situation 2: the girl who is crazy about cutting

Another typical Saturday that Dora decided that cutting was going to the activity of the day.

What would you do?

We said yes of course. As long as safety is not compromised and she is supervised. Why not right?

Situation 3: celebrating birthdays and sharing love with someone who is not related to you

There may be people who don't celebrate their birthdays.

What would you do?

In fact we celebrated our helper's birthday just recently. Her 4th with us. Very thankful for her presence in our house really. And sometimes we don't need birthdays to remind us that we have to show our appreciation towards that person. We always tell our children our helper Auntie is our family member although she is not related to us by blood. 

Situation 4: Teach the kids to "fight"?

Not that we encourage our kids to know how to fight but teaching resiliency from young is very important. I was in fact caught in a situation last year when Isa's teacher called me up when he was caught for punching a school bus friend then breaking his glasses. We were told that we might have to compensate the glasses and may need to see the principal.

What do you do?

I stayed chilled thru out the whole conversation and I told the teacher I will place the matter in her hands for I believe the school will handle the matter professionally. I also gave the teacher the other side of the story on this particular dishonest and haughty boy's behavior towards my son in the bus. After a month of investigation, my son was let off with just a warning and we don't have to pay for the glasses after all! I didn't blame Isa for such behavior despite my first response was,"you are wrong because you strike first." We all know who is wrong in the first place but sometimes we have to bear with things at times in order for the truth to surface.

Situation 5: crawling woes 

Lil I is an avid crawler as he is not exactly mobile yet at 16.5mths. And just last week, he crawled so fast that his hand got caught under his knees and he went face down on the floor n bit his lower lip.

What do you do?

Let nature takes it course. We are still protective parents (like who is not) but we still thinking that crawling is such an important phase of growing. Not only it enhances his gross motor skills, it will always stimulates his left and right brain to work together. We know we can't stop him from crawling.. So to more bruises and falls and worries to come.. 

Cheers to more adventurous parenting experience ahead!
Have fun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finding back the time for the middle child..

Time always zips fast when we are busy. Ever since I had my third in 2014, time jus seemed to be move 3x faster..

But also at the same time, I am also monitoring the lost voice of the middle child. 

Dora has been a good girl, occasionally throwing her girlie tantrums is not uncommon I would say but also I'm very concern about her holistic development. So as Isa and her has quite a big gap of 5 years, I somehow lost touch of what is expected of children this age

Maybe I am guilty as charged for not spending more time with her.  Maybe I'm giving myself excuses but does the second (plus the middle) child always tend to be a little more laid back,a little more carefree?

And somewhere last year, what caught me by surprise was that when she could unlocked my IPad password last year with verbal instructions. I was like..."hey Mei Mei!! You know your numbers!" She just grinned from ear to ear. 

So this year, I decided to take on a bigger step with this little girl. We are lap-reading a little more, writing a little more.. Even crafting (reading cutting) a little more. We merely just started this year and we are really not expecting anything too much. We still love her for being so laid back and carefree because we know childhood is so short and so precious.

Mei Mei.. Stay as happy as a lark.. Because your laughter is just so contagious. Because you are a mini me.

Yeah. This is Miss Auntie Low.

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