Tuesday, November 06, 2018

All about Lil I turning 4 years old..

turning 4 may seem easy for some. But turning 4 is a big deal to me and my lil L. I felt that he grew alot this year, not just in physical growth but in other aspects of development as well such as cognitive and social.

There was a moment I was worried he was slow. Read: delayed development. Cos he took so long to reach the milestones meant for his age. Then suddenly our Lil I decided to have a growth spurt.. Then it also took me a while to realized that I was placing such high expectations of him that I lost focus. But now that I have shifted my focus to him celebrating his milestones and achievement, things seem to have a little change. He grew and he bloomed. Indeed a watched bloomer don't bloom. Just be supportive and he he will thrive.

Here are his recent achievements..
  1. writes some alphabets of his name
  2. can sight read some words
  3. using scissors with one hand and cut a straight line, sometimes curve 
  4. hugs and worry about younger or crying baby
  5. dress and undress independently
  6. full toilet trained even at night - except for poo in the diaper still
  7. talks logic such as understand weather and why things can't be done at times, argue at times and even demanding for things 
  8. better control in temperament. Understands  responsibility i.e. near consequence if he misbehaves
What a long list right? Perhaps this is just another reminder child rearing isn't just about academic expectations. 

What's your expectations of your child?

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Lil I is turning 4..!

Time really flies when someone was just a 3.1kg baby and now standing strong at 16kg..

Is this a last baby syndrome but I find Lil I really so adorable. He is a late bloomer but so glad that he is catching up with his peers..

So emotional again right..

Happy birthday Lil I.. and we look forward to your party in school on Thursday.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Car break down.. what do I do?

Do you actually know what you should when you car break down? In fact your car is a very smart machine. You should be able to know that it start sending out signals to you before it actually break down. So last night, my battery light came on. So I was thinking I will send to the workshop in the morning. Alas.. our dear grey car had other lights coming on and I was losing control of my steering wheel as well. 

Anyway here are the MUST you should do when your car breaks down.

  1. Turn on your indicator lights and slow down. Park at somewhere safe.
  2. Get OUT of the car
  3. Set up the breakdown sign OR alternatively, open up your boot to indicate that your car is stationary
  4. Call your mechanic or tow truck
  5. Wait for tow truck to come and pass the car key to them. Stand at somewhere safe.
Lesson learnt: listen to your car.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Trains the mind and trains the soul..

Many only see the glory and the medals. 
Maybe they forgotten that pain and the cries are part of the package as well. 

Today is another medal-less day yet I seen this little boy of mine bloomed and smashed another record of his by 2.99 seconds.
2.99 may seemed trivial to us but it is a nerve wreaking difference to the swimmer. Liked they say: "Every seconds counts".

This learning journey is a tough one yet we are not giving it up. Isa is not giving it up. Not only it trains my son but also it trained myself up. You may think what does a 11 yr old know about hardship. Indeed he doesn't know. He only showed he can overcome the odds and come out shinning from the dark. 

Way to go my son. Forge more. The colorful world is waiting for you. 

Mama Connie having too many emotional moments in these few months. Pls pardon me again. .

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

From a small fish to a bigger fish..

Swimming was always something that I wanted my kids to do. 

So far only one did and a good coach is all to make someone from a small fry to someone significant.

June 2017

Isa joined his first swim camp. He swam up to 5 times a week. And entered his first swim meet. It was some sort of competition. Never forget the heavy downpour and the long drive at 615am all the way to Bukit Merah. Never even need to wake up so early for work. 

He did two events: 50 Breast and 50 FR.
It was an exhilarating moment for the mom. Tears welled up my eyes as I saw my son swarm through his first competition of his life. He came in LAST for his pet stroke. I was not sad because he was last. I was in fact so proud of him that he finished his event. I was so happy that he had the courage to swim with other flying fishes. I was SO damn proud of him. 

 Isa with Head Coach
June 2017

June 2018
Fast forward 12 months later.
After another 5 swim meets. 
After another 2 swim camps.
After numerous weeks of swimming up to 8 trainings per week. 
This is the coach's credit.
This is the team's efforts.
He did 5 events this time: 4 individual and 1 relay.
He finally get his hands on his first medal.

Sonny. We all know how much hard work that is. We all know Mama cannot pay for the medals. Mama pay not just for you to swim. In times like this, Mama pay for you to learn how to handle failures, Mama pay for you to learn how to cry and move forward, Mama also pay to let you go through hardships, Mama also pay for you to handle situations like a man, Mama also pay for you to bit your tongue to bear the pain after the pain comes on after every PT session.

Hope you understand it one day. The credit is yours not mine. The pain is yours not mine, the aches are yours not mine, the cries are yours not mine. The hardships are yours not mine. 

But I choose to allow you to go through all these because you are mine. Mama will do anything for you except to spoil you. You are one tough boy Sonny. You are. We hope you can continue to build on your good vibes and perseverance in not just swimming but in your life.

 Isa with Head Coach, Coach KK of Sapphire Swimming, June 2018.
See how much this boy has grown in 12 months 

As we welcome July with a big bang, let the emo Mama have some rest.

I love you Sonny. You know I do. Jiayou for the next phase in your swimming plans.

Sunday, May 06, 2018

Maintaining happiness as a mum.. Episode Travel with family.. Thailand Bangkok

And finally we travelled as a family of 4.. you may ask why only 4. Well it is because of one word: budget. 

I am not saying that it is impossible for us to travel altogether in my family of 5 but I will also put into consideration that I will want to bring along my helper with us as I cannot leave her alone in the house with my MIL (another story about that). Anyway.. since Lil I does not own a passport yet, we thought we might as well take the chance of travelling with the two bigger ones since we had a better budget this time. 

Booking was done about 6 months in advance in order to enjoy this good price. We paid $1650 for a family of 4 to the travel agency. This includes air tickets, transfer, accommodation and a half day city tour (which we should opt out of it actually).

Enough said, let the pictures do the talking..

Day 1: boarding the plane at 1210hrs

I would say Thai airways service was quite good.

Especially for a girl who had her maiden flight.

At the luxurious room at the hotel.
We stayed at Pratunam Centerpoint, the location is  very convenient. 
It is clean, comes with breakfast, has a pool to exhaust the kids' energy.

By the time we settled in and all, it was already close to late afternoon.

Our first visit to Big C. Yeah actually our trolley was much fuller when we did a check out.
And total damage: THB$5000+
Dont' ask me why and how.. but we managed to go back in a tutuk.

Then we had dinner at some restaurant.
so hungy and tired.

And someone has his first try at a THB$200 foot massage
He screamed ALOT.
So much that he asked for another round on the next night.

Day 2: Trip to Siracha Zoo 
Our  trip to Siracha Zoo also know as tiger zoo already occupied us up for more than half a day.
We managed to find an local agency who provides transport and entrance tickets.
I think we paid like THB$8K for transport and entrance for all of us.

I bet the cubs were all sedated.
Anyway.. kids find it so amazing that they had to take their own shot.

How can we miss out a jump shot?
Expenses at the Siracha Zoo was quite affordable. 
There is the animals petting section, animals feeding section and you also need money for lunch.
I think we spent less than THB$2000 there.

And soon it was lunch.. or was it dinner.. 
Whatever.. so we ate.. and we ate.. 

and eat and eat.. .
Bought from the make shift food stalls opposite Big C.

Day 3: At the half day city tour..
We were picked up at 8am (BKK time) for the tour that comprises of a boat ride, a temple visit and some walking around.

Family photo.

Day 4: Time to go home!

we basically only spent the morning at Platinum mall in the morning as we had to leave the hotel at 12pm for the airport.

there you.. 4 days of fun and priceless memories formed.
See you soon again Bangkok!

Count down to Pri 1.. ??

Hello.. we have been MIA for sometime for now as Mama Connie has been real busy. All mums are busy, its only a matter of time on how we manage and prioritize our duties in every single day. I am not giving up on this blog as I am so proud to say that this blog is turning 12 this year! Oh well.. here we are..

It just seemed like ystday that Isadore just started Pri 1 and come next year.. my little fatty turned skinny little girl is going to be Pri 1! Since when??

Here is a glimpse of her growing up..

8 mths old

 11mths old..

2 yrs old..

3 yrs old..

4 yrs old..

5 yrs old

6 yrs old..

Ok I’m sure Dora is all grown up and ready. But Mama Connie is not! You cannot imagine how fast this girl grow and how soon she is going to embark on this primary school journey.

I guess she is lucky as Isa can still accompany her to school as he will be in Pri 6 next year. But I reckon this Ms Gung-ho will not need much help.

So if your child is stil in preschool years and you are shouting help...? I think you really look into a lot more possible situations that are happening in primary school life. Children asking for stationeries, children asking for money.. or even children bullying your child.. And if you think Primary One is all about academic expectations.. think again. In another post, I will also be sharing with you on what you can / should prepare your child for Primary 1. And it will NOT academics we  are looking at. I bet you are not surprised.

In the meantime.. I still cannot believe my Dora is going to be Primary ONE!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Happy 11th..

My eldest turned 11th today and we are so proud of him! How can I actually think he was the smallest baby in the nursery 11years ago, at a mere 2.5kg.
From a small baby to today's solid build, I am more than thankful for His blessing for this child.
Stay healthy and happy my big boy.. strive your best in what you do and I know you will be someone great someday.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Thankful 2017..

Is it just me that 2017 seemed to whizz past real fast. From matchy CNY outfits to turning 36 to welcoming my little niece baby G. I cannot ask for more. 
Most importantly.. I thank God for everything. How about you? What are you thankful for?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 2017.. a month of celebrations and play..

And as we look forward to this very last month of the year, here are some snippet of how we have had our first week of it.

Arrival of my niece Baby G!
She is just so adorable.. getting all the good genes from both her Papa and Mama.
And Heavenly Father I would like to pray for good health for baby G. 

And liked what had been happening in my IG is true as well. My helper is away for 25 days and I know this is also a time for the kids to grow to be more independent and more patience with the busy mum. 

On this first Saturday we joined our RC for a special price ticket to Adventure Cove. 
I was very sure the kids had so much fun. Only glad that they enjoyed themselves. 
The only set back up was no clocks can be found at Adventure Cove thus by the time we decided to have lunch, it was already closed to 4pm.

My group of friends who turned family. Many years ago, some boys and girl decided to call themselves bro and sis. Fast forward 20 years later, these bro and sis have little ones whom I hope will carry on the friendship. 

Till next week!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

First successful hand knead milk bun..

And on on a atypical Saturday evening.. My hand itched. Been ages since I baked and I really missed it. After googling for some random post on bread, I decided to venture!

And my sous chef at work.. very serious.

And after 2 rounds of proofing and moulding.. 
the bread is finally out!

Tester number 1 was so happy that she has to eat it in the kitchen!

Taster number 2 find it so good that he has to eat 3 pieces!
I give myself a pass for a hand kneaded milk bun.
Do you think I pass? :)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Lil I is 3!!

Turning three is a big deal. 
So we had to dress him up like his favourite Blippi.

And then we all agree he is one blessed boy as our church uncles and aunties gave him this surprise birthday celebration. 

Happy birthday Lil I!
We pray that you will be a man of His words. Pray for His wisdom upon you.
You know we love you so much!
Love from Papa, Mama, Korkor ans Jiejie.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Review at Cake Avenue..

And so in a whiff.. September came and flew past. Being busy is an excuse so I decided to make use of the busy-ness a much more fulfilling one by spending more time with the family.
Anyway another year of September came .. and we were cordially invited to a food tasting session at Cake Avenue by a very dear friend of mine. The timing was so apt for the man of the da house.

And since it was a special month for a special one, I requested for a customised cake!

Isa at the door!

The menu already looked delicious enough!

Oh yes this is so important and I shall put this place at the top priority if I ever need a venue for my gatherings.

My little yet big boss looking through the special offer menu.

Dora looking thru the newly launched dessert menu!

And while waiting for Ray papa to park his car.. I walked around the cafe and so many beautiful sculptured cakes caught my eyes. Wonder how would our request cake look like?

Chloe.. you are one blessed girl to deserve such a beauty for your birthday.

And of course.. for that someone who is turning 40. 
Welcome to another peak of your life for mine is just a couple of years away.

This is dedicated to all you unicorns lovers out there!
*Aeroplane is model's own.

Or if you fancy your unicorns to appear in other colours.. Here they are..

Garlic bread with cheese.. yumssssss

And introducing to your their newly launched menu dessertssssssssssss

This new menu features 6 creations designed to mimic the look and feel of classic savoury diner foods such as hamburgers, corndogs, nachos and alphabet soup.. but yet it surprises the senses with delightful sweet and palette pleasing dessert instead! Apart from the 6 dessert items, you can also sample Cake Avenue's pre existing entrements such as Chocolate Sensation, Berries and White Chocolate and the Green Apple.

Alphabet Soup ($8.90)

Diner sliders and Fries ($15.90)

Lava Pops ($8.90)

The Great Con Dog ($8.90)

And this was our dessert!
The dessert that does not look like a dessert at all!

Nachos Dulces!

This dish certainly makes my day! Why? Because the combinations of crispy flatbread nachos packed with toppings such as chocolate mousse "refried beans", strawberry compote "salsa", julienned peach "cheese" and pistachio ice cream "gucamole".

I think this is enough for me to want more..!

And here is the very talented baker Chef E.T. behind Cake Avenue.

And my September baby with his customised Tottenham Hotspurs cake!

Oh and did I mention that Cake Avenue is certified Halal and they do delivery too!
Just click on the link above to know more!

You are welcome!

Please visit Cake Avenue at Cake Avenue’s new dessert menu is already available as of 1 September 2017 in their outlet at 33 Lorong Kilat, #01-01/02, Kilat Centre, Singapore 598132 (off from Beauty World MRT Station)

#Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby was invited to Cake Avenue for a personal food tasting session and we are were partially sponsored for this post. Cake order is out of our own. 
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