Monday, November 28, 2016

Busy November month..

This November has been a busy month for me. I guess you can see from the number of blog entry I have. Yes I do use this platform as a space for me to keep my memories down and also to mark down most of the milestones for the kiddos as they grow. Thus I will make sure I will make at least one entry per month.

Sometimes I cannot believe how fast they grow.
Picture taken on 30 Oct 2016.

Anyway here is what kept me busy for November 2016:

Isa - Mr Sporty Wannabe

swimming class on Sat as usual. Due to a Cat 1 warning, lesson was cancelled and coaches spent time to do static training.. which I thought was excellent. I am amazed at how much Isa has grown from a boy who was scared of entering the pool to someone who can dive right into the pool now. He can also swim 3 different kinds of strokes - freestyle, breast and dolphin (a simpler version of butterfly). There is no formal test in his swimming class which is what I like cos I feel sports .. the process is also very important. Just this year.. I suppose coupled with his longer swimming lessons, someone put on a hefty 5 kg and grew at least 5 cm taller. Like wow. dont ask me why. You can only ask me for the swimming instructor contact cos I believe I had already referred to 10 mums and all of them say this group of coaches are very good. Sorry this is a not a sponsored post either. Just my true felt words about this very commitment batch of coach.

Just one of those random Sundays afternoons in which Isa and I had a badminton date. We were fortunate enough to get this court complimentary as a kind neighbour passed on a slot for us. Hope my this eldest boy will be a sporty person just like Papa Ray.

Anyone spotted anything strange about these two pictures? The focus should be on Isa not the pretty girl opposite ok. See if you can spot it. Let me know in the comment.

Dora - Ms Role Play

The big sister at work.. simply gives her lots of opportunity to role play. 

Then she decided to be a dentist.. asking the lil bro to open his mouth and he happily obliged.

Now she become a manicurist for me.

My this princess dearest has been spending alot of time doing role play at home. Maybe a drama queen in the making.. I am not sure. In the meantime I think I just need to be less anal about the mess at the back.

And also Dora has been the kindest and loveliest sister on earth. According to the teachers in school, she spoilt her brother badly. She always want to carry or hug him. And make sure no one bullies him in school as he is the tiniest one in his class. For a 4 year old child, she never fails to amaze me.

Lil I - Mr Cheeky Drama Uncle

Loves Dora's rubber band,

Post halloween party dress up

To Harry Potter

To Mr Cool Man

To Mr Selfie

Papa Ray - out of town = I have been soloparenting for the month!

Mama Connie - busy as bee

my old engine overrun definitely need Young Living Ningxia Red to the rescue.

Taking free GrabCar rides whenever I am not driving.

Hitting executive in YL ranking.

Phew what a month it has been! And while we look forward to a fantastic December ahead. Look out for another giveaway soon! Stay tuned!

Monday, November 21, 2016

{Giveaway: 5 pair of tickets} J.Oil - A Very Special One Drop Christmas Bazaar

Like you all already know that I have been using Young Living essential oils (EO) for the longest time but here is the event for you to come! OneDrop has organized "A Very Special One Drop Christmas Bazaar" and we want you to be here! Whether you are a new user or a season user of EO, I cant wait to share with you all the details of this event that is happening soon.

Please mark down this very important as winning the pair of ticket (only ONE lucky winner will win one 5ml of Cedarwood) is so easy!

Let me share with you what you can expect at this event first:

  • More than 15 traders bringing in their own special items - some personally crafted, some sourced carefully around the world. There are plenty of quirky and beautiful items that will make one-of-a-kind gifts for Christmas. And yes food items too - so yummy you will not resist!
  • Total of 6 FREE essential oil and lifestyle workshops - guarantee a value-added experience as you shop.
  • OneDrop help do your bit for charity - 100% of the collected entrance fees will be donated to One Life Global Charity to fund a project to buy medical and trauma equipment for children in Syria affected by the on-going civil war.

On Site Promotion
We will also be running a special onsite promotion on the day of the event for new members who wish to sign up with a new Young Living account.

New members to enrol under my YL distributor number 1470400 will receive the following:

1. 5ml Bottle of Lavender
2. Free copy of Live Alive Book - Only for new One Dropper members

+ We will also be having a special NingXia Red promotion on the event day.

Read more about the event here!


And here is how you can win a pair of tickets to the event!

1. Just leave a comment about which is your favourite Young Living Essential Oil!

Good luck!

By the way..  my littest model is here to share with you how you can use EO.. Lil I's favorite oils are RC and Lemon by the way.

Oh ya.. and if my 5 entry slots run out, please feel free to drop by MummyEd or Xavvylicious or Kym to try your hands again on winning more. I did not mention multiple entries are not allowed right? #justsaying Shhh...

#Disclaimer: author of Rayconniebaby is a Young Living distributor with membership 1470400. We do have complimentary invites to this event but there is no monetary compensation. Kindly email me at for any queries. All images are credited and provided by OneDrop. *T&C applies for the free 5ml EO - will only be send out at the later date.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Turning 2.. part II

Ooops this is a late post but nonethless.. 

Anticlockwise from left:
The exact same day on 2014, 2015 and 2016 .
Same same but different. And how much he has grown.

milestones of this little one

Photographs of Lil I and his classmates.

Walking pets as part of the loots for his little friends..

The remaining items for the birthday loot. 

I hope Lil I enjoys his day!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Turning 2.. celebration part I..

At the grandparent's place..
Our usual practice to celebrate the weekend before the actual birthday.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Someone is turning 2..

Just one of the many way this lil fellow drinks his juice.

My baby.. is turning 2???? 
Now where did all the time go? October is a month of exams .. yet celebrations for us. Look and see how we are going to juggle this challenging yet fun month! 

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Maintaining happiness as a mum.. Episode Travel

Many a times, I guess after being married and after having children, our priorities will shift... I will be writing in other separate posts on how I maintain my own happiness even after being a mum.

And here, one of the many ways of maintaining my own happiness level is to travel. 

I do really have to count my lucky stars for I have been very fortunate to have a good boss who focus a lot on staff welfare.. So far I have been to Malacca, Perth and soon to Hongkong w my colleagues.

And this annual company trip always make people ask me this question," do you bring your family along?" I would happily reply with a sheepishly smile," yes we can. But why would I?" This is like a rare and golden opportunity for me to rest and relax without anyone shouting for like 1000 millions times of "mama!!" I know I will miss smelling the little heads but of course I know I would enjoy myself too.

No kids at all for a couple of days, I'm sure you will be happy to go too, right?

And so.. I'm packed for my trip.. 

So what's your way of maintaining your happiness after you became a mum?

Share with me.


"Mama.. Do you really have to go?"

Friday, September 02, 2016

{Giveaway} Manicure/Pedicure giveaway at The Nailist City @ 313 Somerset

One can never go wrong with a giveaway and here we are go again! Yay to the owner of The Nailist City. 

And just for the mummies (or even daddies, if you are interested to win one for your wifey) out there.. whether you are FTWM (like myself), WAHM, PTWM or even a SAHM.. we all need the pampering session.. I see lots of head nodding away.. And so.. we are very honoured to do this giveaway of 10 individual sessions of manicure and/or pedicure at this new nail palour at 313 @ Somerset!

Nested in the hustle and bustle of the city.. 
Here is The Nailist City. Such a apt name.

And as I chit chatting with the owner, she said one of the reason why she shortlisted this place is that she hope to offer a place for shoppers to rest their feet.. and if they can rest, do a manicure and relax with a drink. Wouldn't that make your day? And I was agreeing with her while sipping my tea away..

The nice and cosy counter right in the front of the shop.
Prices are reasonable and do get your updates from their facebook.

The array of nail polish just for the pampering sessions.

Choose your drink on the house.
Such a small service yet tells alot about their kind gesture.

Very easy to locate the shop on Basement 2 of 313 Somerset.
I can't guarantee you a discount if you quote my name but I should guarantee you a complimentary session if you leave a comment*.

And there. My purple #frenchmanicure treat of the day.

Take a look at their nailart (which is option and payable on top of your complimentary session)

And a showcase of few of their amazing nail art:

Alice in Wonderland anyone?

Or an idea for the upcoming Halloween?

Mickey Mouse fan or not doesnt matter, right?
It's just too cute..

ok it's just me I know.

Chevrons is just an everygreen trend. Love the gold hue matching pink.

Or maybe somone is looking for simple yet elegant designs for a dinner or wedding perhaps.

Simple, bold yet loud chrome nails.

Perhaps mystery suits you more?

Or you prefer the naughty yet cute look?

Not the last but the least.. the one which reminds me that my holiday is coming up soon!


It is very easy to win. It is not compulsory to like/follow but we would love you to like all the pages before entering a comment. 

1. Like The Nailist City facebook
2. Like The Nailist City instagram
3. Leave a comment leavning your name and a valid email. Choose your favourite design and tell me why. Multiple entries are not allowed. Kindly note that my comment sections need approval.


Please read these fine lines before entering.
Giveaway will run from 02 Sept 2016 to 16 Sept 2016. Winners will be notified by email within 3 days by the end of the giveaway. Rayconniebaby and The Nailist City reserves the right to pick another winner if one does not reply to my email. Voucher is only valid for one month from the date you received as there will be a date stamp on your voucher. Nail art is optional and payable. Please do give them a call and make an appointment so that the staff can attend to you promptly. Vouchers won can only be used at The Nailist City branch. Details of your complimentary session will be stated on your voucher and it is up to Rayconniebaby's discretion to choose the selected complimentary service for the winners. Please do try to mention to staff that you have a complimentary session upon arrival and present physical voucher upon payment for verification.

Disclaimer: Rayconniebaby works with The Nailist City on a long term basis with no monetary compensation. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tips on preparing for Pri School test/exams..

Hey it has been a while. I was so caught with work really. 

Anyway since this is the period for Continual Assesment (CA), I thought it would be good for me to share some tips on how to prep yourself and your kids for the primary school tests/exams. 

It's quite a sad fact to say that once your kid starts Pri School, reality does sinks in. You really need much more time to sit down and do work with your child. Be it daily work or doing assesment books. To be honest, I learn things the hard way. I used to be have the luxury of time when I used to check Isa's bag and homework every single day. But ever since I had Lil I, time is so tight that I decided to let loose of the reins. I will just check Isa's bag randomly and told him it is HIS job to do so. It took us quite long and many teary days. In fact, he is still not very good at managing his work and such but I decided to let loose cos I know he can't rely on me forever. But I know he is coping better.

And so my tips!

Tip 1: revise on a regular basis

Ask your child about he has learn in school. Say on a weekly basis. Revise this on a weekly or monthly basis rather than cramp everything in days before exams. Ask what are the techniques their school teacher has taught them. Don't be in a surprise if your child is able to tell you so many details.

Tip 2: set a routine to study 

Draw up a schedule or a timetable to make learning visual for your child. Most children are visual learners so it will make your life and their life easier. Here is ours..

And here is my calendar! Easy for a no brainer like me as I dislike keeping things in my head.

Tip 3: finding the way to rev the engine

Children are children. Or maybe it's jus my kid. He will never have the initiative to start his engine for revision. For him, setting him a schedule (like the above) is like his key to ignite the engine. 

And also I don't deny that I scold, yell and also hit my son when it comes to his work. Please don't judge me as we all have different parenting styles. I only thank my understanding Neighbour who can tolerate my occassion yelling. 

Interesting thing is once the engine starts for this young man of mine, he usually can bury his head into his work for a few hours, which is kinda sufficient for a day.

Tip 4: study together with your child

I always believe emotional support is a very important tool for all of us. Thus I will always try to revise together w Isa. I would look thru on what he is learning and in the meanwhile I study his Science guidebook and write out some notes for him to revise. 

It was 130am when I was doing this the last night. Yawnnn

Tip 5: sustaining energy 

I usually set a frame of 3 hours for revision. On a perfect day, Isa can do 2 sessions of 3 hours revision so it's usually  10am-1pm and 4pm to 7pm kind. 6 hours a day is a lot right? I know. Hahahahah *evil mum snigger*

Question is: how to sustain his energy and concentration? For Isa, mainly it's food and water but I also use Young Living essential oils on him before he starts his study. Do email me if you are interested to know which are the oils I use. 

It is only this year that I also give Isa essence of chicken in the morning, every single morning of exams day. I would think it kinda help. No brands preferred though. 

Tip 6: sleep early

On a normal day, Isa usually wakes 650am and will sleep 10-1030pm. But during this exam period, I will usually try chase him to sleep as early as 930pm. It is not visible but I know sleeping a little early will always allow him to have better concentration for the next day.

Oh well.. So this is my sharing. Hope they help you in this tough period. Jia you mummies!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Birthday month reflection II: give back to society

As we age.. I reckon my mindset do change along the way. And of cos I'm saying making changes to gear towards a more enriching life. I might not have the luxury to tour round the world (maybe not yet) but I do hope my hands can help some in this world. Yes I'm talking about contributing back to the society.

This year, I was more than happy to have the opportunity to be part of the group to give my little efforts for #YLfoundation #solehope campaign. And so.. After making some arrangements, I was there for the shoe-cutting event on 14 July 2016 with a lot of my fellow oilers.

I will not say it was an easy task but compare to the children who have jiggers in Uganda, my numb thumb from the after effects of cutting the denims were really nothing.

I simply love it when life is full of chances for us to appreciate what we have.

What an enriching July indeed. And this will kickstart the round of birthdays celebrations till Jan..

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Birthday month reflection I: Thankful for friends..

July is always the favorite month of the year for me for it is my birthday month. Since today was a public holiday so we took a chance of celebrating by having a gathering at my place w my favourite group of friends in which one of them is Ray Papa's god sis whose birthday is jus a day after mine.

There isn't much fanfare like those days where we would plan for birthday gifts accompanied by overnight karaoke session followed by first bus home. Now it's as simple as getting together and having a meal while the kids play together. 

Now it's just these kids who lead the day for us. And this was like one of the best shots for the day.

And anyone wanna guess what programme was on the tv that kept the children so intrigued.?

Thank you my friends. Am very thankful for you all who has gone a long with us.
We love you folks. Hope we can gather soon again.. Soon ah!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Animal Resort in Seletar West Farmway..

Looking for some ideas for this June holidays? 

Well but here is one of our (rather - the kids' favourite) hangout spots to go on a typical weekend morning for us.

The Animal Resort

Many years ago, on our first attempt, we did not manage to find the place. But recently since the improvement of the directions for roads, we manage to find the place. Yeah! Ok maybe it was just me who could not find the place. 

The very creative signages.

More about PIN Number. And not I am not talking about your PIN number..

This is PIN Number.

The kiddos having fun feeding the rabbits.

One scary cat with the peacock.

Think he is more comfortable climbing the frames.

A panaromic view of the place.

To be honest, I was not very impressed with the place as the parking was not as friendly as Farmart which is why we frequent the Animal Corner more. Click here to read more. but it is a good place to come especially when it is nested at such a convenient place, you can even consider having a prata session at Jalan Kayu, which is less than 3 minute drive away. 
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